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Muddy Paws was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown to become one of the most established and reputable dog services in all of Co.Kerry. 

For our training, we use only positive reinforcement techniques. We use no old, outdated 'quick fix' solutions such as using fear, force, e-collars etc. By using modern, science based techniques, your dog not only enjoys the training but they are truly being trained, & not just surpressing their behaviour because they are afraid of the consequence. 


We are strong advocates in training both the dog and owner simultaneously as a team. We believe in giving the dog the choice (choice training), with one outcome leading to a reward, and the other to no reward. This leaves a more lasting impression on the dog as they make the decision, & dogs will continue to do a behaviour they have found the most rewarding. We use many games in our training, leaving the dog empowered and feeling more confident for the future.


We run a variety of training classes as well as a number of different in-home training and behaviour adjustment packages, which can be found on our website here. 


Hi there I'm Jake, head trainer & co-founder of Muddy Paws. I began my career in training dogs in 2008, yikes 14 years ago now! My main role in my previous job was to train security dogs, as well as train search/detection dogs. I was lucky enough to conduct many high profile searches all across Great Britain, from the G8 summit in Wales, Wembley Football Stadium, Edinburgh Castle, The Albert Hall, London Thames Barrier, The Shard, and many others. I have also completed a professional search dog course in the USA, my Police dog handler course, as well as used my tracker dog skills in the Belize Jungle in South America.

My training nowadays is very different to my past. I now use my previous experience and my ever-evolving dog knowledge, to help owners and their pet dogs achieve their goals. It gives me great satisfaction helping both owners & dogs with their goals, but knowing I'm helping a family live a happier, healthier and more positive life, means a great deal to me. I have personally invested heavily in dogs with a nervous disposition, as my own dog Nala was/is genetically nervous, as well as babies and children living with dogs. I am a firm believer in using onlpositive training techniques, and only use these proven, science-backed methods when training. I am forever listening to podcasts and reading, to keep up to date in the dog training world.

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Hi, I’m Nala. I’m a collie cross who found her way into the Muddy Paws team & hearts!


My Pawrents rescued me when my mum rejected me and my sister at 7 weeks, I haven’t looked back since. My dad (Jake), takes me on lots of his adventures around Kerry, and I help him either show owners some of my skills, or I help by just being me, maybe around a dog that isn’t so friendly, or a little nervous. I also help with all of the classes. I help owners and dogs see what skills might look like, and what a bit of hard work will get you, (dad always says this is really important). I’ve never been told off, ever, although at times I have made some mistakes. But in our family, you aren’t punished for your mistakes, and this means that I unconditionally trust and love my pawrents. This has really helped me, as I was extremely nervous of lots of things, and dad has spent a lot of his time, helping me overcome all of my fears.


I also know lots of novice and advanced skills and tricks, and I’ve learnt to search for items, which is great fun! I am living proof, that a purely positive training approach, really does bring the best out of a dog, as well as it being the best way to shape a strong and healthy relationship. I look forward to helping you and your dog in the future.

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