Muddy Paws was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown to become one of the most established and reputable dog services in all of Co. Kerry. 

For our training, we only use science-based, positive training techniques. So, rest assured everything we cover in our training, is purely and only positive. We are regularly updating our methods as new information, research, or studies are carried out. We don't use any old, outdated 'quick fix' solutions such as using fear, force, pinch collars, or e-collars and so on. By using modern science-based techniques, you and your dog not only enjoy our training, but you’re working with each other, and training lasts!


We are strong advocates in training both the owner and dog simultaneously as a team. We believe in giving your dog a choice, with one outcome leading to a reward, and the other leading to no reward. This leaves a more lasting impression on the dog, as they make the decision, & dogs will continue to perform any behaviour that they find the most rewarding. It's a proven technique we have used for years with great success. 


We run a variety of training classes as well as a number of different in-home training and behaviour modification programmes, which can be found on our website here. 



I began my career training dogs in 2008 and have worked with a wide range of breeds in that time. My main role in my previous job was to train security dogs and to train search & detection dogs. I was lucky enough search in many high-profile areas all across Great Britain, from the G8 summit in Wales, Wembley Football Stadium, Edinburgh Castle, The Albert Hall, London Thames Barrier, The Shard, and many others. I have also completed a professional search dog course in the USA, my Police dog handlers course UK, as well as being lucky enough to have tracked with my dog, in the Belize Jungle, South America.

My training nowadays is very different to my past, but gives me the same if not more satisfaction. I now use my previous experience and my ever-evolving dog knowledge, to help owners and their pet dogs live in harmony. It gives me great satisfaction as always, helping owners become the best that they can be, in a positive way. I have personally invested heavily in dogs with a nervous disposition, as my own dog Nala was and still is, genetically nervous. I am a firm believer and advocate in using only positive training techniques, something I pass on to all of my clients. I am forever listening to podcasts, reading books and investing my own time, to keep up to date with the most modern dog training techniques.

I am certified in Canine First Aid, Dog Training & Dog Search.

I hold a diploma in Canine Care. I am currently studying towards another diploma in Dog Behaviour & Dog anxiety. I have attended various workshops such as 'Interactive Play', by the renowned Craig Ogilvie.

muddy paws dog training


Hi, I'm Terrie and I'm in charge of caring for all  your wonderful pets.  I have always been very passionate about dogs & I wouldn't be lying if I said I prefer them to  human company most days! I have been involved in various animal rescue operations since I was young & have vast experience in working with all different types of dogs. I previously worked at a dog kennels for many years and also a veterinary clinic. I moved to Germany in 2013 to work professionally with dogs, doing search work all over the world with my English Springer Jerry. In 2015 & 2016, I travelled to Belgium & the Netherlands to compete in the prestigious European Canine Biathlon event, in which I proudly took home third & second place. I have also taken part in various agility competitions.

I am certified in Canine First Aid,  Dog Training & most recently certified in Pet Boarding & Daycare Covid-19.  

I completed a three year apprenticeship in Animal Care & Welfare in 2017. I hold a distinct diploma in Canine Communication and I am currently finishing up my studies in Canine Behaviour. Most recently, I enrolled in a Veterinary Assistant course, so that I can continue to bring the highest standard of care to all dogs that stay in my home. 


Nala is our beloved Border Collie mix. We rehomed her from Animal Help Net Kerry when she was a puppy and she has brought so much joy to our lives since. Nala is somewhat of a celebrity, being known for her skills in and around Killarney. She is a very playful & friendly girl, and will quickly make your dog feel right at home when they come to stay for home boarding. I am pretty confident that your dog will leave our home as a best friend of Nala's.

As well as being part of our family,  she is part of the team. She regularly assists Jake on his training classes and 121 training. She knows many novice and advanced tricks. She is showing many owners, just what can be achieved with a bit of patience & training. She is highly intelligent and has shown a natural affinity for search work. We are very excited to develop this further in the years to come.