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Adult General Skills Class

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Our Adult General Obedience Class, is a fantastic opportunity to IMPROVE and learn new skills, in a vast array of areas. Designed to give you better control of your dog at home, on walks, and around other dogs, our classes are a relaxed and informative way to bond with your dog, while learning at the same time. Using only positive-reinforcement methods, you and your dog will learn so much, all in a fun & positive way!

The course runs for 6-weeks, with the first session classroom based. After all, it is not just the dogs we teach! Each session is 1 hour long, and are held on evenings or weekends. Covering over 30 subjects orally and practically, you will be at times tested but helpedevery step of the way by our trainer not only in class, but also outside of class.

Some of the 30 subjects covered in class

         House Manners                              Recall

         Greetings at the door                      Loose Leash Walking

         Communication & Signals             Sit, Stay Down

         Tricks                                              How to play & share

         Leave                                              Canine Enrichment                   Toys, Games, Rewards                   Nuisance Behaviours

         Adolescent Behaviour                     Exercises around dogs                                            


What's included

An extensive work-booklet is handed to you on the first day, which you get to keep forever, and covers everything we cover in the course! All dogs receive a rosette & certificate on completion, and that sense of achievement between both you and your dog, is absolutely free! There is also a Whatsapp group throughout for daily assistance, a write-up assessment of each dog on completion, and much more!

No other course around offers all of this!


All dogs must be social with other dogs and people

All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations

This class is for dogs aged 5 months plus

To handle your dog you must be 16 and over, though under 16's can attend


 Total cost - 179 

 Length 6 weeks (6 hours)

 Numbers 5 Maximum


Classes are held at the excellent venue, the Tralee Equestrian Centre which is an ideal location for training. You may also bring one friend/family member to accompany you.

*All our clients also receive a 10% discount card for the pet store Petstop!

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