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Changing any animal's behaviour is not a task you should undertake lightly and it takes time, dedication & patience. There is no 'quick fix' solution and any trainer who offers you one should be avoided. It’s easy to remember the anxiety and stress you feel when your dog offers unwanted behaviours in public areas. However, we need to take a moment to consider how your dog feels at that difficult moment. 















Why is my dog like this?

There are many reasons as to why your dog has a particular behaviour. It could be from a lack of early socialisation, or non at all, medical issues, a traumatic past either by human hand or by dogs, be protective by nature or breed, or even be passed down genetically.


Unfortunately, this type of behaviour doesn’t go away on its own. Most people hope that their dog will grow out of it but if left untreated, the fearful or perhaps aggressive behaviour will simply get worse, both in frequency and intensity. Neither aggression nor fear can be punished out of a dog. In fact, this will only make things worse, so you need to change how your dog feels about the preserved threat by using POSITIVE reinforcing techniques. 


     This package is for the following dog


Fearful or nervous disposition dogs

Lead Reactivity

Reactive or aggressive to humans

Separation anxiety

Reactive or aggressive to dogs

Guarding behaviour 

Excitement or Frustration


Standard (What's included)

We'll leave you with anything immediate that needs to be addressed, as well as a possible referral to the Vet.

Our extensive questionnaire will then be sent to you. 

A zoom/call appointment will then take place to discuss the questionnaire, lasting up to 45-minutes.

Two 1-hour training sessions will then take place. (Please see the paragraph below for more details).

Additional training sessions from here on are 60 euro if training needs to continue. 

Finally, after each training session an email will be sent to you recapping the training covered.

Aftercare calls once training has finished are free.




This package is the bare minimum needed to begin the process of behaviour modification. After the questionnaire has been sent & subsequent follow ups, the first training session focuses on the owner, what to practice/avoid and their handling of the dog. The second session then focuses on the dog and putting our previous work into practice.

As mentioned above, changing a dogs behaviour can sometimes take weeks or months, however you must also be prepared for it to take years, sometimes even never. So with this package, we focus on empowering the owner with confidence, skills and the knowledge within these sessions, for them to continue with confidence. Additional training sessions can be added to this package for those who would like further and more guided assistance, through this modification period.

Total cost €160

Advanced (What's included)

For those behaviour's that may have been around for many years or are more severe in nature, we have a more in depth package with additional notes & training. You receive all of the above with extra time over call/video to discuss your questionnaire in greater detail. After our first training session, written notes will then be handed to you for you to study, to assist you through training and beyond. Finally, there are an additional 2 extra 75 minute training sessions with this package, which allows for further practical training sessions with our trainer. Additional training sessions if needed are also reduced at 50 euro.

Total cost €290


Finally, rest assured all training methods we use are positive methods of training.

*All of our clients receive a 10% discount card for the Tralee pet store Petstop and a voucher for McGrath Vets Tralee worth €60!

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