Behaviour Modification programmes


Changing any animal's behaviour, is not a task you should undertake lightly, and it takes time, dedication & patience. There is no 'quick fix' solution, and any trainer who offers you one, should be avoided. It’s easy to remember the anxiety and stress you feel, when your dog offers unwanted behaviours in public areas. However, we need to take a moment to consider how your dog feels, at that difficult moment. 















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Why is my dog like this?

There are many reasons as to why your dog has a particular behaviour. It could be from a lack of early socialisation, or none at all, medical issues, a traumatic past either by human hand or by dog's, be protective by nature or breed, or even be passed down genetically, to name but a few.


Unfortunately, this type of behaviour doesn’t go away on its own. Most people hope that their dog will grow out of it, but if left untreated, the behaviour will simply get worse both in frequency & intensity. Neither aggression nor fear can be punished out of a dog. 


     The following packages are for the following dog


Fearful or nervous disposition dogs

Lead reactivity

Reactive or aggressive to humans

Separation anxiety

Reactive or aggressive to dogs

Guarding behaviour 

Excitement or Frustration


Below is a breakdown of our programmes. Please click the 'find out more' buttons, to see full details of each package. Please do check all the package details, and if you are unsure on which programme might suit you best at this time, please don't hesitate to contact us. Once you have chosen your programme, we will discuss this with you, to ensure it is suitable for you.

Basic Programme

This package, is designed for dogs that suffer from any level of separation anxiety, as well as dogs with a nervous disposition. It may also be used for dogs that resource guard, or over excited/frustrated dogs around humans or dogs. Dogs who react to people calling to the home may use this package, as long as they don't show any other behaviours in any other area. 

Standard Reactivity Programme

This package is for low level reactivity dogs, to either dogs or humans, or dogs needing help in one specific area. This programme will suit dogs that have not been involved in a traumatic experience, is a fairly new or recent behaviour, or for dogs that can be around their trigger at times without reacting, or have a low level reaction.

Advanced Reactivity Programme

This package is designed for dogs who are extremely reactive to their trigger. This programme will suit dogs that have been reactive for a long period of time, that have been rescued, or react every time around their trigger. Dogs that have a bite history or would bite, or dogs with a traumatic, unknown or difficult past, would also fall into this programme.


Muddy Paws Dog Training are strong advocates of purely positive training, and do not use any training techniques, that result in causing any dog pain or fear, to your best friend. Your dog just needs help, is probably scared, or just wants to feel safe, and that's what we focus on first.

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*All of our clients receive a 10% discount card for the Tralee pet store Petstop and a voucher for McGrath Vets Tralee worth €60!

Please note. Though we cover all of Co.Kerry travelling to you, if you are 40 minutes or over from us, we charge what it costs us in fuel of the journey only, not time of travel.