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Behavioural Testimonials

We are blessed to have over 260 testimonials from our clients. Here's a few from our behavioural training.

Agnieszka Los

I highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training. We chose the Behaviour Modification package for our golden retriever as he showed aggression towards some male big dogs. During the training, Jake gave us a lot of tips and advice on how to deal with such behaviour. Since then, we know how to cope with any aggressive behaviour and most importantly how to prevent it. Now our walks are much less stressful and much more fun! Thank you!!

Sheena Sweeney

Had a fantastic evening with Jake & Nala, teaching us how to deal with our German Shepherd (Ida) around other dogs. Ida had a hard time meeting and socializing with other dogs which seemed to be getting worse as she got older. We had started avoiding all busy areas where there would be other dogs as a result, which really was not the way we wanted to live with our dogs as they are such an important part of our family. Jake & Nala showed us all the techniques we would need to deal with Ida in these situations and while we are still learning their teachings, we have already seen an improvement in how we deal with her. 

We couldn’t recommend Muddy Paws as a business enough. If your having an issues at all with your dogs’, take the time to sit down and call Muddy paws. They will talk you about everything that happens with your dogs, plus will take the time to really discover where the issue might be coming from. 5 stars from us.


Highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training to anyone, very relaxed, spacious and friendly environment for the dogs which was a huge plus for me seeing as my girl Skye had a fear of people (especially men), Jake and Terrie are lovely and really do know their stuff when it comes to dogs, a big thank you to Jake for spending extra time with Skye during each class to try and bring her out of her fear of men, the difference in her with her anxiety in just four classes is amazing !!!!..…. Thanks so much again guys.

Michelle Spillane

We contacted Muddy Paws Training as we recently adopted a rescue collie, Cara, who is 13 months old.

Our initial worry was that she did not come back every time we called but she also had developed a habit of barking, jumping up etc if she did not get attention.

Jake arrived this afternoon for a session of one to one training. Within an hour he had the barking/attention seeking corrected. He not only demonstrated to us the correct way to handle situations, but also gave notes.

While we have a lot of ground to cover, the positive aspect of Jake’s method of training make it beneficial not only to the dog but also the owner.

We highly recommend Muddy Paws Training We look forward to continue our training with their support!


Jake came all the way to Dingle in this bad weather to help with my 11 month old Belgian Malinois cross who is nervous around new people and hasn't got great recall. They were best of friends after 3 minutes. He spent loads of time with us observing our puppy and then went through the best way to train my puppy. He also wrote everything out for me which is great . He gave me loads of advice and I am much happier and more confident with training my dog now, thanks so much.

Louise Sheehan

We had Jake come out and visit our dog max who had a very bad start in life and we had absolutely no idea how to train him or where to even start. Jake spend a long time here and gave my husband invaluable advice. We worked on all the suggestions and advice and Max turned into a different dog, we still have lots to learn from Muddy Paws and lots to teach Max and hopefully after lockdown we can work with Jake again. I’m still having issues when walking with Max and I contacted Jake for some advice which he gave lots of, without hesitation and for free. Muddy Paws provided a 5 star service with invaluable advice, help and training and we can’t thank them enough. We can’t wait to work with them again when things return to normal.

John Mahony

Jake’s approach was very practical and simple to implement but it had the desired impact. He was able to suggest ways to iron out behavioural issues in a very prompt manner and it really made a difference. We’ve taken the suggestions he made on board and life is much better since for ourselves and, most importantly, for our four-legged lodger.

Lorraine Naughton

Been having problems with my German shepherd. I contacted Muddy paws and Jake came to visit. Instead of telling me do this or that, he sat down and went through the problems with me, asked lots of questions about her behaviour before and more recently to see if there is a trigger that started this behaviour. I personally would never have thought about looking at it this way. He then gave me some really good advice on what to try with her to recondition her behaviour. Would definitely recommend Muddy paws if you’re having problems with your dog 5*

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