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Puppy Class Testimonials

We are blessed to have over 260 testimonials from our clients. Here's a few from our Puppy Classes.


Jake knows and loves dogs! We are so glad that we signed up for the puppy obedience & socialisation classes. It made our life much easier. We feel the progress of our puppy every day. The classes were well put together and we got additional support such as a great booklet, a WhatsApp group and of course the personalized certificates and rosettes! Jake was fantastic in equipping us with training skills that were easy to understand and fun for us and our puppy. We loved how he uses his own dog Nala for demonstration, it was so helpful. We didn’t feel nervous about asking questions and he was so knowledgeable, organized and helpful. Jake's positive training techniques have proved extremely beneficial to us and our dog. The power of "yes!" in reinforcing the desired behaviours from our puppy are valued by us both! I would recommend Jake to any person that recently added a dog to their family, or needs any additional support with their furry friend!

Eilin Pierse

Jake puts incredible time effort, thought and energy into ensuring we had the best chance of training our puppy positively. When I knew I was getting a puppy I started asking people with well behaved dogs where they had trained their dog. I contacted Jake as I met an adult dog who the owner credited Jake with his great behaviour. We were at the beach and that owner told me to call their dog. The dog ran over to me and sat beside me. It was my first time meeting the dog. Jake starts by showing you what your aiming for by having Nala his dog do it. That really helps for example he showed us how Nala will 'wait' before running after a ball for impulse control. I never even knew that was possible. Then we practised at home with food bowl and posted videos to the WhatsApp group. Jake would encourage all progress and gently give honest pointers. When we first got our puppy Jake also did a zoom call with us which really got us going from day one. I had organised the call as I didn't want my puppy jumping up on the children or my parents. This zoom call I think was so important. I now have a 5month old golden retriever who never jumps up on anyone thanks to Jakes guidance.

Eimear N

I would highly recommend Muddy Paws puppy obedience and socialisation classes to anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy or anyone who has just got a puppy. Firstly, Jake was a pleasure to deal with, he was patient and gave care, time and great support to each owner and puppy within the class, during the 6 week programme. This support was given through a booklet and a WhatsApp group which allowed each owner to interact and share their experiences. In this WhatsApp group, Jake was always available to answer any question. This class gives owners the opportunity to learn about their dogs behavioural cues, playing styles and learn the importance of positive training. My Jack Russell Terrier Willow was very frightened and timid during class in the presence of other dogs. She didn't even want to be in the vicinity of the other dogs during the first class but by the end she walked into the arena alongside the other puppies😍. She is still timid around dogs but has improved greatly since the classes. In all, we had such a positive experience and we would recommend Muddy Paws training to anyone who wants a happy, well-behaved dog.

Darragh Kelly

As a new puppy owner and a vet, I cannot recommend Jake and Muddy Paws Puppy Training Classes highly enough. His positive reinforcement-based training methods and patience with owners and puppies is excellent. I’d recommend anyone with a new puppy to sign up for this as it will ensure you have a well behaved, fun and properly socialised puppy for life.

Ciara Lehane

Jake’s passion for dogs and his positive nature make the puppy training classes very engaging and enjoyable. His extensive depth of knowledge and experience means no question goes unanswered. Classes are so much more than the obvious sit/stay. It was an absolute pleasure to work with both Jake and Nala. 

Tess’s Family

Lucy Butler

Just AMAZING. Jake is so knowledgeable and so helpful. Really understands all the worries and queries you have as a pup owner. This is a great resource for all pet owners. I myself, am now more confident with Jimmy and our bond is a lot stronger as a result. We both trust each other! It’s vital to have a controlled socialisation setting for pups and teach them appropriate ways to interact. I highly recommend any dog owner, especially pup owners, to get in contact with Jake and let him work his dog whispering magic. In reality, he trains you, not the dog!!!

Aoife Gerrard

Would highly recommend Jake (& Nala) @muddypaws! Buddy learned so much at puppy class. He is now able to walk off the lead and explore his surroundings. The positive training techniques we learned means that I can recall him, get him to walk with me and sit when needs be! We got lots of support and information from Jake and learned so much at the classes. Would highly recommend Muddy Paws training

Sinead Pigott

We attended a 6 week Puppy class and would highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training to anyone thinking of attending one of Jake's classes. Jake is so knowledgeable and experienced. This was evident throughout the classes. We all received such fantastic support and advice from Jake - in each class as well as through the WhatsApp group and the wonderful information booklet. We learned so much in the classes. Jake filled each class with vital learning points that we continue to use each day while also making sure the classes had a fun social side too.

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