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Adolescent Package 6-12 months

As your dog develops and changes, so does their behaviour. As owners, you can either keep trying what you once did when they were a puppy, or we can adapt, change and grow with them. We understand, that transitioning from this puppy to adolescent stage, can be tricky not just for you, but for your growing puppy also. So, we have put together this adolescent package, for those dogs and owners going through this transition stage.

Muddy Paws Dog Training

Please note. Though we cover all of Co.Kerry travelling to you, if you are 30km from us, we do charge fuel costs of the journey. 

This package has two sessions included, 1 session 60 minutes long, and the other 90 minutes long. In the first session, we cover many basic and fundamental skills, from rewarding, toys, house manners, their food, home set up, and many other home, behavioural, and training areas. Once a greater understanding of all the above is known, the second session then focuses directly on the individual areas you may be struggling in. However, you are already likely to see a big improvement in your dogs behaviour from our first session, but this is where the hands on training takes place.


Cost - 135

Prices vary on weekends and after hours.

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