Hate leaving your dog home alone? Our unique Doggie Daycare is the solution to many dog owners’ problems...

Muddy Paws is a kennel free, specialised in-home daycare for your precious pet. We only take a limited amount of daycare dogs each day (3 - 4) so that our groups are always small & personal . Your dog gets all the home comforts while getting to socialise with other dogs in our purpose built playground. Set in spacious & secure country location, 10-15 minutes from central Killarney.



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All dogs must be assessed before attending daycare

Doggie Daycare

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our daycare is for you if:

  • You work long hours and feel guilty leaving your best friend home alone

  • Your dog is very friendly & loves to play with other dogs

  • You feel you can't get a dog due to work and other commitments

  • You find it impossible to give your dog the amount of exercise he/she seems to need

  • Your dog reacts over excitedly when seeing other dogs while out on walks

Benefits of our Daycare:

1. Avoid Loneliness

When you are gone all day, your dog will get lonely. 

2. A Chance to Socialise

Our doggie daycare gives your dog a chance to socialise with other dogs. It is important  that dogs learn to behave appropriately when you encounter other dogs in the park or on the street. Here they will be able to improve their social skills and communication. It is also a great time to play, run, jump and just be around other dogs.  Just like humans, dog need friends and socialisation. Muddy Paws is a great place for your dog to find their new best friend. 

3. An Outlet for Their Energy

Exercise is necessary for your dog to be healthy. We have a HUGE amount of space unlike anywhere else where your dog can really RUN! When they are at our doggie daycare, they will have plenty of opportunities to get the exercise that they need.  Exercise includes, running, jumping, climbing, and enrichment activities. If they spend their days at Muddy Paws, they will be just as tired as you are when they come home.

4. Bathroom Breaks

Your dog  needs bathroom breaks during the day. This will prevent you from worrying if you are going to be late coming home from work and give you peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for.

5. A Structured Routine

Structure and routines are essential for dogs. Being absent from the house for the majority of the day will make it impossible to form a structured routine. Your dog will spend their days sleeping on and off, waiting for you to come home. At doggy daycare, they will have a daily routine the same way that you do. Also, the change of scenery will be good for them.

6. Honesty

We will always be honest with you! If your dog comes into daycare and just sits on a sofa observing, we will tell you. If they don't like daycare, we will tell you! Not only are you paying for a service, but your dog has to benefit from that service. There's no point in sending your beloved pooch into a room with other doggies if they'd prefer to chill on their sofa at home.

7.Home Based

Not all dogs enjoy a large day care environment. Our daycare is home based & kennel free, so that means your dog gets to snuggle on the sofa or lay by the fire on a rainy day, something which you will not get at any large daycare facility. 

8. Preparation for Home Boarding

Bringing your dog to our daycare is the most perfect way to familiarise themselves with our home, so that when it's time for them to have a stay with us, they will already be a part of the family!

Check out the fun they could have!

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