Q) How far in advance do I have to book my dog’s stay?

A) I would always advise to book in as early as possible to avoid disappointment, as places are limited due to us being a home setting. That being said, we are happy to take dogs at short notice provided they have all their vaccines. During the holiday periods, we can get especially busy and our spots can fill up months in advance. 

Q)Do you separate dogs according to size?

A) All dogs that stay with us are friendly, well socialised dogs. Some big dogs can get along very well with small dogs & are gentle in nature despite their size. If at any point, a dog displays a concerning behaviour or poor manners, they will be separated from the group and/or sent home. Large, boisterous dogs will be kept separated from small dogs. Maintaining a safe environment is paramount at all times.

Q) Do you have kennels?

A) No, we are very different to a dog kennels. Dogs live in our home with us as they would do with you, & thus, we are able to bring a much higher standard of care. 

Q) What do I need to bring with me?

A) You will need to bring proof of vaccination and enough food to last the duration of their holiday (& a bit extra). Your dog must arrive on -lead with a collar/harness attached. I would also pack some of their favourite chews (no rawhides or cooked bones). You can also bring some home comforts such as a toy, a blanket or tshirt with home scents on it. I provide many cosy beds, bowls, towels, toys etc. 


Q) Do you provide food?

A) You must provide your own dogs food to keep them to their usual feeding routine and as to not upset their stomach.


Q) My dog is on a raw food/special diet. Can you accommodate this?

A) Absolutely. We’re happy to feed your dog their special diet, whether that means raw food, food from your vet, or home cooked food you have provided for their stay.

Q) What are you located?

A) We live 10-15 minutes out of Killarney town. Upon a booking, we will email you our information pack, in which our exact location is provided.

Q) Can we come and meet you before we book?

A) We would be more than happy to welcome you here. However, an appointment does need to be arranged first. Unfortunately, if you just turn up at my home I will not be able to assist you. Currently, in light of Covid-19 we are not doing meet & greets at this time.

Q) My dog has never been away before and I am worried about how they will be?

A) For dogs who have never been away before, I would always recommend to do a daycare day first. If needed, you can then do a trial night to see how they get on. It is always better to drop nervous dogs off earlier in the day so that they have adequate time to acclimatize to their new surroundings. Please note, we do not take dogs with separation anxiety.

Q) What vaccinations are required?

A) Your dog is required to be up to date with their vaccines, including the Bordetella (Canine Cough) vaccination. If you are unsure as to whether your dog has this, please double check with your vet. It must be administered at least 14 days before their stay. We also accept Titer Tests as an alternative means of vaccination.  Dogs should be on a regular flea, worm & tick routine & be administered before their stay. 

Q) What are your boarding drop off & collection times?

A)  Our set times are listed below:

Monday - Saturday: 9 am - 11 am, 5 pm - 6 pm.

Sunday: 11 am - 12 pm, 4 pm - 5 pm  


Any times requested outside these hours will incur an additional charge. Drop off/Collection times MUST be organised beforehand & are arranged at 15 minute intervals. It is important to arrive at the time organised to avoid overlapping another appointment.

Q) Where will my dog sleep at night?

A) Well, that depends – does he like a soft, cushy dog bed, or does he prefer to sleep curled under an armchair? When he stays with us, he’s one of our own, so our house is his. We have our own dog bedroom for our guests where they most commonly sleep, like a doggy sleepover! We’re often asked if dogs spend time in cages or crates while there are here, and the easy answer is no. We can provide crates if this is what your dog is used to. We understand that lots of dogs are used to sleeping in a crate and find it comforting, so we’re open to simulating whatever environment your dog is most comfortable in.

Q) Can I call you to find out how my dogs is doing?

A) You are welcome to call, text or send an email any time you wish you check in. Although it’s likely your dog is doing just fine, we know that a little reassurance is nice. We also will send you daily updates & photos of your pet via Whatsapp. 

Q) What if my dog isn't friendly with other dogs, can they still stay with you?

A) Unfortunately, we only accept social, friendly dogs. If your dog has a history of harming other animals we cannot accept them for home boarding. If your dog displays any aggressive tendencies on their stay they will have to be sent home.

Q) Do you have any restrictions on the dogs you board?

A) Definitely! Boarding dogs must  be up to date on vaccinations, be free of any communicable disease and friendly towards dogs & people. All dogs must be house trained & not destructive in the home. We do not board any giant dog breeds. For the safety of our dogs and our doggie clients, we reserve the right to turn down any current or potential boarders that do not meet our basic boarding requirements.

Q) Do you take dogs of all ages?

A) We accept dogs generally from 3 months of age to 12 years of age. Puppies must be fully vaccinated before they can stay.

Q) Will my dog be walked everyday?

A) We run a small doggie daycare midweek & generally, dogs get more than sufficient exercise during the day exercising in our large playground. We walk dogs only on the weekend or if the weather has been miserable & they haven't been able to get adequate playtime outside. If you would like your dog to be walked everyday, you can request this at an additional charge. 

Q) Is there a vet on call should my dog take sick while staying with you?

A) Yes – We would immediately contact our vet should your dogs health cause us any concern. Where possible, we will take the dog to their own vet. If necessary, we would either call the vet out or take the dog down to the vets as quickly as possible. Our number one priority at all times is your dogs health, safety and security.

Q) Do you provide pick up and drop off services?

A) Yes! Give us a call and we can discuss arrangements for picking up and dropping off your dog.

Q) Can I book a date provisionally?

A) Regrettably, we do not book provisional dates. All reservations require a deposit to be confirmed.


Frequently asked Questions

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