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New Baby & Family Dog

In 2022, my wife & I were blessed with our first child. As dog trainers, we knew the life changing effect this would have not just on us, but also for our four-legged family member too. Months in advance, we began preparing our dog for what would be the 'new normal'. This programme is designed to help other soon to be parents, prepare themselves and their dog to life with a new-born baby & beyond.


Please see below for how the sessions are broken down.

Two further sessions can be added to this programme, to help deal with other more complex behavioural issues. Such as separation anxiety, resource guarding, or any other form or reactivity, fear or aggression. 


We are excited to bring this new training programme to the people of Co. Kerry. The first of its kind in Kerry, we know it will help so many owners & their dogs! We hope it will also help to lower child dog bites, with statistics that show children are the most at risk of dog bites. This in turn, may lead to less dogs being re-homed, or even euthanized! So yes, we are excited! This programme is the direct fallout of our very own extensive research we had to do for our own dog, and our own hands on training & experience.


Number of training sessions - 3

Total training time - 5 hours

Total cost - 275

With the two extra sessions (If needed)

Number of sessions - 5

Total training time - 8 hours

Total cost 440

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