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Here at Muddy Paws, we provide you with a pathway to learn positively. Helping you to continue to build-on & strengthen, the relationship you have with your best friend!


We'll work with you, to make sure you grasp and understand how using positive training techniques only, makes your training easier, better for both you and dog, and why it lasts longer.


We'll train the owner as well as the dog, so they may continue to train and better understand their dogs needs, their own role, and how they can continue to be an even better pawrent.


We'll use our 15 years experience, to give all clients the empowerment, the confidence and the knowledge, to understand just what they're doing, and that what they're doing, is the best way to see results.

Of course training dogs is what we do, but we also focus heavily on the relationship between owner and dog. A strong, healthy, positive, relationship, through, play, understanding, correct leading, knowledge & trust, is 80% of the work, with training being the other 20%. Focussing on this 80%, means your training is easy! Learn how to go from being your dogs caregiver, or offering a basic level of companionship, to an owner who can get the most out of their dog, and at the same time reaching a mutual true connection, not every dog owner is luckily enough to experience.

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