general Dog owners class

We are super excited to announce the first owner only course in Kerry!
We believe this course is the next step in training, for any dog owner!

Many people believe that it is themselves that need training not their dog, so we have designed this four-week course, with that in mind. Our NEW General Dog Owner’s Course, is designed to enhance your dog owner’s skills, so you can achieve more with your dog. Over the four weeks we cover a wide variety of basic & advanced subjects, perfect for any dog owner.

This four-week class is broken down into the following four segments:

How to train your dog A-Z

Achieving happiness in the home

Understanding your dog

The fundamentals

From these subjects above, each week is then broken down into sub-subjects, with all four weeks combining to make you the very best dog owner, that you can be. Week 1, is all about the home! Week 2, is about training and teaching you how to train your dog! Week 3, is understanding your dogs behaviour! And week 4, is all about the fundamentals every owner needs to know.

Will this class suit me?

Whether it’s your first puppy or you’re a long running dog owner! This is a chance to spend some quality time, picking the brains of a professional trainer. We’ll teach and train you, to be the best pawrent you can be! This is an opportunity for you to unlock your own potential as an owner, setting you up with skills for life! We truly believe that this class, is one that will set you as apart from any other dog owner, with the knowledge and skills that will be learnt and covered.

This is a four-week class with each class one hour long. An extensive and detailed work booklet is given in class to refer to throughout. There is a WhatsApp group to help you outside of class hours, and to help you with any questions you may have.

Total 4 hours in class training

40 subjects covered

4-6 students per class

Total cost €115




Finally, at a cost of €115 which is under €29 per hour, this represents excellent value for money! All students also receive a 10% discount card for Petstop Tralee!