Puppy Play Parties




Our NEW Muddy Paws Play Parties, are a fantastic opportunity for both you and your dog to have great fun! Not only will it continue to build on your dog’s social skills, but it gives you the owner the opportunity to also stay with them, and watch them have fun playing at the same time.


This class is to build on your dog’s social skills and not to begin the socialisation process. 

Have you ever wanted to be with your dog as they play & run around with other dogs? Well now you CAN!

Nervous or aggressive dogs would not suit this class. Unfortunately, dogs may be asked to leave if they are not suited to class. If you do have a dog who needs some behavioural training, check out our Behaviour Modification programme for more information.


The party is a unique chance to stay and be with your dog, as they play and have fun.

It builds on your dog’s social skills with the right age and size dogs, in a controlled environment.

It provides another outlet of enrichment for both you and your dog.

The party is an opportunity for your dog to learn from other dogs and keep fresh their dog communication skills and doggie etiquette.

Our trainer is at hand to monitor play throughout class.

Our trainer is at hand to give you general advice.




Dogs from 3 – 5 months

Dogs from 5 – 10 months - Small, medium and large classes

Dogs 10 months + (This age group will not start until published on our Facebook).



Classes are broken down into the following age categories

Benefits of class

Maximum 6 dogs per class to maintain quality not quantity

1 hour per party

Up to 2 people per dog

Total cost €15

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