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Success Stories

Eugene James McGrath

We refer at lot of behavioural cases to Jake and our clients at McGrath Vets are raving about him. Keep up the good work guys.

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Louise Sheehan

We had Jake come out and visit our dog max who had a very bad start in life and we had absolutely no idea how to train him or where to even start. Jake spend a long time here and gave my husband invaluable advice. We worked on all the suggestions and advice and Max turned into a different dog, we still have lots to learn from Muddy Paws and lots to teach Max and hopefully after lockdown we can work with Jake again. I’m still having issues when walking with Max and I contacted Jake for some advice which he gave lots of,without hesitation and for free. Muddy Paws provided a 5 star service with invaluable advice, help and training and we can’t thank them enough. We can’t wait to work with them again when things return to normal

Poppy Melia

We did the six weeks of puppy training with my 8 month puppy Stella. Jake was such a good educator, teaching us to see things from the puppy/dogs perspective. It made training our puppy so rewarding and gave us a framework for continued training. Our puppy was probably one of the liveliest there. Jake observed each dog there and gave us so much individual attention. Stella has come a long way and with continued training using Jakes techniques we expected more and more reward! I highly recommend every new puppy owner to do this course. Even now it’s over Jake is so willing to answer any questions we have. Thank you Jake and thank you Nala for showing such great example to us all.

Andreza Goncalves

A very professional, caring and friendly dog trainer. Excellent information which helped us with our dog. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.

eilin pierse

Jake puts incredible time effort, thought and energy into ensuring we had the best chance of training our puppy positively.
When I knew I was getting a puppy I started asking people with well behaved dogs where they had trained their dog. I contacted Jake as I met an adult dog who the owner credited Jake with his great behaviour. We were at the beach and that owner told me to call their dog. The dog ran over to me and sat beside me. It was my first time meeting the dog.

Jake starts by showing you what your aiming for by having Nala his dog do it. That really helps for example he showed us how Nala will 'wait' before running after a ball for impulse control. I never even knew that was possible. Then we practised at home with food bowl and posted videos to the WhatsApp group. Jake would encourage all progress and gently give honest pointers.
When we first got our puppy Jake also did a zoom call with us which really got us going from day one. I had organised the call as I didn't want my puppy jumping up on the children or my parents. This zoom call I think was so important. I now have a 5month old golden retriever who never jumps up on anyone thanks to Jakes guidance.

RNS Sports clinic

This is my 2nd time going to Jake at muddy paws. 1st time was for behavioral training this time was for puppy classes. The best thing I ever did. The classes where excellent, Jakes knowledge is huge. Really highly reccomend muddy paws. If you're struggling with your puppy you won't regret the puppy classes.

Shannen Foley

Loki and I loved going to classes on Saturday. Loki’s confidence improved so much over the classes and he made loads of friends. I learned a lot about positive reinforcement for training too. The classes are so well run and we thoroughly enjoyed them.
Thanks so much Jake and Nala!


Really great service. I had recently gotten a really active & happy puppy and had no experience with training him so I contacted Jake for help. He came to my house for a training session and gave me some really great information and help. I feel much happier and more confident now that I know more about what I’m doing. Thanks Jake

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Aoife Garrard  

Would highly recommend Jake (& Nala) @muddypaws! Buddy learned so much at puppy class. He is now able to walk off the lead and explore his surroundings. The positive training techniques we learned means that I can recall him, get him to walk with me and sit when needs be! We got lots of support and information from Jake and learned so much at the classes. Would highly recommend Muddy Paws training

Fiona O'Toole

Muddy Paws offer a fantastic service and are extremely knowledgeable. Jake helped us train our springer spaniel with loose lead walking. By the end of the sessions she was so much better on the lead and we will continue the training every day. We can’t recommend Muddy Paws and Jake enough. Thank you.

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Sinead Pigott

We attended a 6 week Puppy class and would highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training to anyone thinking of attending one of Jake's classes. Jake is so knowledgeable and experienced. This was evident throughout the classes. We all received such fantastic support and advice from Jake - in each class as well as through the WhatsApp group and the wonderful information booklet. We learned so much in the classes. Jake filled each class with vital learning points that we continue to use each day while also making sure the classes had a fun social side too.

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Halloween 1985

Jake knows and loves dogs! We are so glad that we signed up for the puppy obedience & socialisation classes. It made our life much easier. We feel the progress of our puppy every day. The classes were well put together and we got additional support such as a great booklet, a WhatsApp group and of course the personalized certificates and rosettes! Jake was fantastic in equipping us with training skills that were easy to understand and fun for us and our puppy. We loved how he uses his own dog Nala for demonstration, it was so helpful. We didn’t feel nervous about asking questions and he was so knowledgeable, organized and helpful. Jake's positive training techniques have proved extremely beneficial to us and our dog. The power of "yes!" in reinforcing the desired behaviours from our puppy are valued by us both! I would recommend Jake to any person that recently added a dog to their family, or needs any additional support with their furry friend!

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Eimear N

I would highly recommend Muddy Paws puppy obedience and socialisation classes to anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy or anyone who has just got a puppy.
Firstly, Jake was a pleasure to deal with, he was patient and gave care, time and great support to each owner and puppy within the class, during the 6 week programme. This support was given through a booklet and a WhatsApp group which allowed each owner to interact and share their experiences. In this WhatsApp group, Jake was always available to answer any question.
This class gives owners the opportunity to learn about their dogs behavioural cues, playing styles and learn the importance of positive training.
My Jack Russell Terrier Willow was very frightened and timid during class in the presence of other dogs. She didn't even want to be in the vicinity of the other dogs during the first class but by the end she walked into the arena alongside the other puppies😍. She is still timid around dogs but has improved greatly since the classes. She has learned lots of new skills such as sit, stay, paw, leave and her impulse control is improving.
In all, we had such a positive experience and we would recommend Muddy Paws training to anyone who wants a happy, well-behaved dog 🐕🐾🐾

Tracy Dunne  

Thank you Jake for your advice with Jasmine, she is so much happier and so are we, our walks are no longer stressful and worrying. Looking forward to bringing her to you for a little training. Thanks again

Sue Car 

I recommend Muddy Paws as I havent even had a lesson yet and they've given me some really helpful information. Dogs arent born trained and we all need help learning to train them and Muddy Paws have certainly helped me.

Eleanor Doran  

I cannot recommend or thank Jake enough he has given so much help and advice to me and my westie pup since the lockdown began always at the other end of messenger for free helpful and friendly advice. I would 100% recommend muddy paws dog training


Geri Carmody

Jake was just amazing he got my puppy ninja to do commands very quickly and with positive reinforcement I learned so much from a one to one session I would highly recommend Jake and muddy paws I'll post a picture for cuteness thanks a million for all the help guys can't wait to see my furry baby blossom and learn 

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E. Prendergast

I took our 7month old Irish Setter for 6 weeks of training with Jake at Muddy Paws. It was a fantastic experience for both me and our dog. Jake has so much knowledge. He is excellent at training dogs and at relaying training techniques to people. The level of communication was also brilliant. At the end all the dogs got certs and rosettes it was very sweet. The change in my dogs confidence in new situations and around other dogs is amazing.

Lucy Butler

Just AMAZING. Jake is so knowledgable and so helpful. Really understands all the worries and queries you have as a pup owner. This is a great resource for all pet owners. I myself, am now more confident with Jimmy and our bond is a lot stronger as a result. We both trust each other! It’s vital to have a controlled socialisation setting for pups and teach them appropriate ways to interact. I highly recommend any dog owner, especially pup owners, to get in contact with Jake and let him work his dog whispering magic. In reality, he trains you, not the dog!!!


Highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training to anyone, very relaxed, spacious and friendly environment for the dogs which was a huge plus for me seeing as my girl Skye had a fear of people (especially men), Jake and Terrie are lovely and really do know their stuff when it comes to dogs, a big thank you to Jake for spending extra time with Skye during each class to try and bring her out of her fear of men, the difference in her with her anxiety in just four classes is amazing !!!!..…. Thanks so much again guys.


Karen Kennedy

The puppy socialisation class with Jake was amazing! Our puppy wasn’t confident around dogs before we started but she gained so much throughout the 6 weeks. Learning to be such a valued person in your puppies life is so important, and I didn’t realise it until I went to these classes. Highly recommend this class to anyone who has a new puppy!

bernice cronin

We absolutely loved the classes ran by Jake. They were so informative and filled with such valuable tips. We were delighted with the whole experience that Jake gave outside of class too (the notes, homework, the WhatsApp group, loads of opportunity given to ask questions) it was all brilliant. It was the best decision ever that we made for our puppy. Highly recommend!!! (14).png

Katryna Morrissey

Couldn't recommend Muddy Paws highly enough....begun our puppy classes before lockdown with "Sprocket", from the beginning Jake was extremely professional, gave to- the- point sound advice and encouragement. His demonstrations with Nala ( the wonder dog, in my opinion) were great. Then lockdown hit and we had the option of waiting until it was over or doing the class through zoom and what's app. I was so glad I took the online option, we never looked back! Daily updates, exercises and discussions made the training fun. Thank you all at Muddy Paws so much....will definitely use this service again!

Ben Slimm

An absolute fountain of knowledge and excellent positive approach to training. Jake and Terrie are superstars and every dog is treated as if he or she is their own and the love and care they show shines through.
Muddy Paws may be dog trainers - but in reality they train humans to understand and communicate more effectively with our best friends! Thanks to Muddy Paws for such excellent service!

ciara culloty

Absolutely delighted with our experience at Muddy Paws puppy obedience classes. Jake was wonderful and so so informative! We got so much great help and support throughout. It was a great opportunity to meet other pups and their owners. Willow loved mixing with the other puppies and learnt some great manners. Thanks

Ann Ger

Loved this class, Jake, has such a positive attitude and approach to all dog’s, it makes the lesson so relaxed no matter how strong my puppy Levi, got.
We learned so much in six weeks, and Jake was always available to offer help when we needed it.
I would highly recommend his training method, for dogs or puppies if any age.
Thanks Jake and of course your beautiful loyal Nala (14).png (14).png

Natalie Satkauskas

I'd absolutely recommend Muddy Paws training classes. I received so much information, support and feedback from Jake, both in class and through the whatsapp group and in the booklet. He broke each of the commands down which helped me to understand the process and how to correct where I'd been struggling. It was great to be able to bring my daughter along so we could both be trained in how to train the pup! The classes really gave me a great foundation in training my puppy, and I was able to transfer all that I learned to improve training with my other dog too.

Caroline Galvin  

Jake is amazing cnt recommend him enough. knowledgeable and caring. excellent with dogs and d dogs love him. 10 stars.

Lorraine Naughton 

Been having problems with my German shepherd. I contacted Muddy paws and Jake came to visit. Instead of telling me do this or that, he sat down and went through the problems with me, asked lots of questions about her behaviour before and more recently to see if there is a trigger that started this behaviour. I personally would never have thought about looking at it this way. He then gave me some really good advice on what to try with her to recondition her behaviour. Would definitely recommend Muddy paws if you’re having problems with your dog 5*

Karen Foley  

So grateful to Jake for helping me in getting our very energetic 3 year old Red Retriever Teddy to walk on the lead! It’s a joy to walk him now! Cannot recommend Jake highly enough! Thank you so much, Karen

Dawid Micka  

Couldn’t recommend muddy paws training enough. Skye our German shepherd is now 20 weeks old and dream of a pup at home. We have a child so we wanted an obedient and loving dog, muddy paws helped us achieve this. The classes were delivered in a great fun filled way and Skye also got to make some new friends thanks Jake we will be back for the adult pup classes... I would definitely rate muddy paws A1

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Josephine O' Shea

Jake is a brilliant dog trainer who clearly loves his profession and is amazing at what he does. He gave us fantastic tips to help us handle any problems we had with our new puppy and his method of positive training works really well. I would highly recommend him. Many thanks Jake.

Liz Nicholson  

We just finished 6 week class with Jake and his amazing dog nala

The classes were so interesting and Jake was brilliant at teaching you how to work best with your dog we learned so much . I would highly recommend the training class and give a 10/10 to the instructor Jake and his amazing dog nala. Thank you

Louise Porter  

Top Class.....We thoroughly enjoyed the Muddy Paws training experience.I have learnt so much and have become a much better and more knowledgeable dog owner.Jake (and Nala) have a lovely way of teaching new lifetime skills with kindness,practicality and non-judgement.There is encouragement and fun all the way and back-up during the week through the WhatsApp group.

Thanks for the opportunity to enrich the relationship with our special canine family

Niamh Gilligan  

I recently completed a 6 week puppy training class with my 4 month old cockapoo. Jake was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable but more importantly took such a great interest in each of the dogs individually. I can highly recommend!

Orlaith O Donoghue

Muddy paws has been an excellent choice for our golden retriever 🐾 Jake is a very interactive, positive trainer. The preparation was amazing, we received booklets, information and homework for us as owners and our dogs. The 6 week puppy class has immensely helped in training our pup. Jake gave us lots of helpful tips and information on every aspect of training. This was enhanced by demonstrations with his own dog Nala. Throughout the week we were sent motivational prompts on WhatsApp. We are so happy overall with the course, amazing value. Our puppy has grown in confidence and has become a well mannered respectful dog. There is no way we would have managed to research everything that was taught in 6 weeks 📚 10/10 (14).png
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Kate Flynn

We attended Jakes adult dog classes over 6 weeks, we would highly recommend Jakes classes. He had an excellent positive approach to dog training and was very patient with everyone in class. We have learned alot over the 6 weeks and feel we have the knowledge and tools going forward to continue our training. Jake was always on hand to answer any queries we had and had so much knowledge to share with us.

Holly Adair  

Having got a border collie pup it was a whole new experience of training we weren’t equipped for while totally adorable and extremely smart we very soon realised that she needed a completely different type of training to our other dogs. We contacted jake at muddy paws and we arranged 1:1 sessions in our home, it was the best thing we ever did for our family and pup. He gave us the proper skills to help her reach her potential. All questions were answered and all techniques were suited to our dogs particular needs. We will definitely be going to there classes in the near future.

Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

It’s fantastic to get a trainer who cares about your dogs well being as much as you do

Ciara Lehane  

Jake’s passion for dogs and his positive nature make the puppy training classes very engaging and enjoyable. His extensive depth of knowledge and experience means no question goes unanswered. Classes are so much more than the obvious sit/stay. It was an absolute pleasure to work with both Jake and Nala. I think Tess’s face says it all!

Tess’s Family

John O'Mahony 

Jake’s approach was very practical and simple to implement but it had the desired impact. He was able to suggest ways to iron out behavioural issues in a very prompt manner and it really made a difference. We’ve taken the suggestions he made on board and life is much better since for ourselves and, most importantly, for our four-legged lodger. (14).png

Brenda Daly  

These guys truly go above and beyond!! All the exceptionally well-grounded advice they have given me has been enormously beneficial. Nothing less than a 5 star service.

Darragh Kelly  

As a new puppy owner and a vet, I cannot recommend Jake and Muddy Paws Puppy Training Classes highly enough. His positive reinforcement-based training methods and patience with owners and puppies is excellent. I’d recommend anyone with a new puppy to sign up for this as it will ensure you have a well behaved, fun and properly socialised puppy for life.

Ronan Farrell  

I would highly recommend Jake and Muddy paws dog training. Classes were informative and enjoyable and we feel that we have benefitted greatly from our involvement in them.

Lynda Owen Hussey

so pleased we went to adult obedience training with Jake. we all learnt loads and our dog's behaviour improved significantly. thanks Jake (14).png

Brian Long 

Definitely recommend Jake @ muddy paws if you’re looking for a super dog trainer, fantastic classes with great support and loads of advice

Ashley Crowley 

We just finished Puppy obedience classes with Jake and would highly recommend. Our puppy learned so much in class as did we. now we understand each other away better and have gained so many new skills.

Thanks Jake and Nala.

Darragh Casey  

Jake visited our house yesterday for a one to one session with our new puppy Rocco. It was great to get tips and advice on the best way to approach all the issues that come with a new puppy. We are now armed with toys and treats and ways to stop the bad habits setting in. Would definitely recommend a session for any new dog owner!!!

Mart Cronin  

We had Jake to our house to help us with our little pup lucky. His advice was really helpful to us and I found that lucky was a lot calmer after his visit. I would recommend you would get him soon enough after investing in a new dog so you don’t get into any bad habits. Would recommend muddy paws dog training.

Michelle Spillane  

We contacted Muddy Paws Training as we recently adopted a rescue collie, Cara, who is 13 months old.

Our initial worry was that she did not come back every time we called but she also had developed a habit of barking, jumping up etc if she did not get attention.

Jake arrived this afternoon for a session of one to one training. Within an hour he had the barking/attention seeking corrected. He not only demonstrated to us the correct way to handle situations, but also gave notes.

While we have a lot of ground to cover, the positive aspect of Jake’s method of training make it beneficial not only to the dog but also the owner.

We highly recommend Muddy Paws Training We look forward to continue our training with their support!

Mark Day  

Service excelence Thank you and our dog is no longer a land shark Highly recommend *****

Sarah O'Neill 

Just finished our 6 week puppy training class- a great experience especially for a first time dog owner like me. Jake gives a detailed booklet at the start and he gives daily tips/ advice on a class WhatsApp group so it’s more than just the weekly class. I would definitely recommend this class- our puppy Roxy has improved a lot since we started and even more so we now have the knowledge to be able to continue to train her properly in the months ahead

Brendan Sheehan 

Just finished a 6 week class with my dog Cooper. Would highly recommend Jake I didn't know how to call or understand Cooper. The classes were great I got to learn to totally understand and teach Cooper and the Whats App group was excellent always there with help and advice you need. Definitely 5 star.

Maria Hayes  

Excellent, straight forward advice and knowledge that works, wonderful demonstrations with Nala! Jake, thank you for the advice. Much appreciated.

Kevin Scully 

Hey guys. Thanks a million for your advice and tips once again. Your help at the beginning of lockdown has been fantastic and Bailey is doing great. Thanks Jake.

Margaret Mairead  

Would definitely recommend muddy paws dog training. Jake gives great advice and very easy to follow. Great investment considering your pet will be part of the family for 12+ years. Thank you.

Shane Mc  

I adopted a very very troubled dog recently. Unfortunately it didn't work out as he was to far damaged. But in the 2 months I had niko I can honestly say Jake was brilliant. Niko came on so much in a short space of time. Jake has great knowledge and a great approach to training. Cant recommend him enough. Brilliant communication as well. Any time I had. A question or needed advice he was always quick to respond. 100% will be using muddy paws again.

Anyone looking for dog training should get onto him.

Claire HealyCashin 

Best euro we ever spent...Jake just understood the dog and us as a family. We learned so much after only just a few hours in our home. Thank you!

Anne Marie Healy  

Fantastic training! Would highly recommend this class to anybody considering it. Great advice given. Very helpful. Thank you Jake (14).png

Emilie O'Mahony 

Great training session with our little rescued Patterdale terrier, Zero. Lots of information and tricks given to help us get his crazy energy under control!

Agnieszka Los  

I highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training. We chose the Behaviour Modification package for our golden retriever as he showed aggression towards some male big dogs. During the training, Jake gave us a lot of tips and advice on how to deal with such behaviour. Since then, we know how to cope with any aggressive behaviour and most importantly how to prevent it. Now our walks are much less stressful and much more fun! Thank you!!

Aisling Lynch 

Jake gave some really helpful training advice that has improved Ollie's behaviour and helped us become better owners. Thanks a million

Eileen Foley  

I did a one to one class with Jake and got all the advice I needed for my little pup Sandy. She was a very jumpy, bitey dog but Jake showed me loads of ways to train her. It was really worth it and has made a huge difference to us. Thanks so much

Helena Cronin Martin  

Thanks Jake for your advice today it was extremely helpful and we were told things to improve our dogs training we never would of even dreamt of ourselves.. Started a few tips you gave us today already and there working a treat.. I’d have no hesitation in highly recommending muddy Paws to anyone.

Regards the martin family tiernaboul Killarney


Amy Duggan 

I would highly recommend Jake he came out and was just brilliant with my dog milo his a German Shepard and Jake really gave us all the advice we could possibly need to make sure milo grows up to be the best behaved dog he can be he was so patient with milo and answered every question we had to ask and he has a great view on how to train dogs I can honestly say money well spent thanks very much.

Alison Roche  

Great thanks to Jake who came to our home to help with recall issues we had with our Staffie Ozzy. He gave us great advice and tips for training. Super service Jake and very professional. Would highly recommend Muddy Paws. (14).png
behaviour training.jpg

Cliona Ekren

100%. Jake has helped give me the knowledge to correct the mistakes I was making with Floki. I have a very busy house & was taking the quick way out but was in turn reinforcing behaviours. I'm only 48 hours in & already the tweaking & advice from Jake has massively improved behaviours & I am enjoying time with him more. Jake has given me ideas on how to include the kids with games with Floki. everyday will be more learning for us both in the right direction 

behaviour dog training.jpg

Sheena Sweeney  

Had a fantastic evening with Jake & Nala, teaching us how to deal with our German Shepherd (Ida) around other dogs.

Ida had a hard time meeting and socializing with other dogs which seemed to be getting worse as she got older. We had started avoiding all busy areas where there would be other dogs as a result, which really was not the way we wanted to live with our dogs as they are such an important part of our family.

Jake & Nala showed us all the techniques we would need to deal with Ida in these situations and while we are still learning their teachings, we have already seen an improvement in how we deal with her. It will take a little bit more time and training on our part to completely build our confidence but now we have the tools to do it, the rest is up to ourselves.

We couldn’t recommend Muddy Paws as a business enough. If your having an issues at all with your dogs’, take the time to sit down and call Muddy paws. They will talk you about everything that happens with your dogs, plus will take the time to really discover where the issue might be coming from. 5 stars from us. (14).png
behaviuor dog.jpg

Caroline Daly

I would like to whole heartedly thank both Jake and the divine Nala, whom Travelled back to west Kerry over the weekend, to assist both myself and my almost 2 year old Bernadoodle Bobby in recall. I have to say the entire experience was 5 Star  from start to finish. Jake is fantastic, exceptionally friendly like Nala. Jake was super informative and had enormous patience’s with both myself and Bobby from start to finish. To start, we sat for a really in-depth learning discussion tailored to both Bobbys and my specific needs. Thankfully, I have loads of notes from Jake to assist me in my ongoing daily training with Bobby. We did practical training games, to assist in helping me with recall issues with Bobby and the bad habits I have instilled in him Since I got him almost two years ago. Every aspect of the training was about, having fun, rewarding and being hugely positive to engage Bobby. This will over time change the habits , in which I have to say are my bad habits, as in not training him from infancy and leaving it to long. I see changes in Bobbys behaviour already and feel confident that I can continue with the training, thanks to Jake’s expertise in his training methods. Both myself and Bobby have learned a huge amount in our session with Jake. I must say it was an invaluable experience, worth every penny. As I live in a coastal area with sheep. We have loads of distractions every time we are outside. Jake taught me loads of various ways to engage with Bobby and make the training fun and enjoyable for both of us. We went to the beach, in which we are on almost daily and It was great to have Nalas assistance, so as Jake could demonstrate how to do the various training methods. I would say that if any dog owner should need assistance, with any aspect of training, Jake and Nala are the perfect and most professional training team. I would highly recommend. I adore my dog and It was money well spent. Jake has such a natural way with Dogs and Bobby was interested in everything Jake was doing from the onset. Jake and Nala, Thank you both so much. The training was such a great experience and you have given me all the tools, tips and notes to enabled me to continue with the training daily. Again a massive Thank you and Booby hopes to see you, Nala and Terri all soon for a visit to your fabulous doggie hotel which is equally as fabulous as your training. Many thanks again to a superb 5Star team. Kindest regards
Caroline and Bobby x

behaviour  in dogs training.jpg

Dee Ní Bruacháin  

Thank you so much Jake for the 1-1 with our puppy Allie, You explained everything to us in a simpler manner. We will definitely do the training with her! highly recommend Muddy Paws Training

Sarah McAdams  

Would highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training. Jake called to us for some 1:1 training with our boxer puppy Xena. Jake is extremely helpful, offers great advice and explains things in a simple manner. I will definitely be in contact with Jake again to use some of the other wonderful services Muddy Paws has to offer. Thanks again for all your help Jake

Melissa O'Sullivan  

Jake called today to help us with our dog Cookie. He was brilliant with her and really gave us great advice. I can see it making a big difference in her. I would highly recommend if anyone needs help with their training

Kate O'Connor  

Thank you so much Jake. You are so helpful and we are so excited to start using all your tips and advice seems to be working already and it’s only 3 hours later! So glad I found you, Would highly recommend!

Diane Healy 

Jake was absolutely fantastic, we received such helpful tips regarding training & guess what they really work! Definitely give Muddy Paws a call, Jake offered great solutions & we are beyond delighted we made that call. Thanks Jake, love to Nala from Betsy & Diane..

Jake came all the way to Dingle in this bad weather to help with my 11 month old Belgian Malinois cross who is nervous around new people and hasn't got great recall. They were best of friends after 3 minutes. He spent loads of time with us observing our puppy and then went through the best way to train my puppy. He also wrote everything out for me which is great . He gave me loads of advice and I am much happier and more confident with training my dog now, thanks so much.



I had very little knowledge about dogs when I got my pup. He was almost 3 months old when I've contacted Muddy Paws. Terrie and Jake were very good and extremely patient with him. They thought him basic obedience, how to walk on a lead and now he's learning how to heel. The knowledge and passion they have shines thought. Absolutely delighted with their services!!



- Veronika One to One Dog Training

We took both Benji and Bruno to Muddy Paws, they are so close that we opted to take them to separate classes as they were a distraction to each other (and others�). Terrie and Jake are fab, so patient and the boys loved them. Even though we have finished classes we have noticed that they continue to improve and now sit and stay at times without even being asked (knowing a treat/meal is on the way of course). They are so much easier on the lead and they definitely know that we are in charge. We will be back for any other suitable classes for them. Thanks guys.


- Liz Adult Dog Classes (14).png (14).png

Jake very kindly travelled to our home for Kale & Kohl and gave some great tips and tricks to help them. I would definitely recommend muddy paws as we are so happy with the progress our dogs have made in such a short time. I have 100% confidence in muddy paws continuous support.


- Rebecca One to One Dog Training

Our dog use to jump up and steal stuff from kitchen counters, drag rugs around the house, steal shoes etc. she didn't listen to anything we said to her. Jake called out to our house, we had 1 session, where he gave plenty of detailed advice on how to and what to teach to our dog and how to discipline her, if she is being bold, gave plenty of ideas about mental stimulation. This one session and all the information we got done miracles. Huge positive change in dogs behaviour.
Highly recommend Muddy Paws Dog Training.


- Laine One to One Dog Training

Jake came for a house visit to meet the offending elderly terriers. He has given us the tools to no longer dread the door bell ringing. So calm & encouraging, Jake has shown us how to have a better day to day life with our darlings🐾 . Thanks to Muddy Paws there is hopefully going to be less stress & more wagging tails!!


- Amanda One to One Dog Training (14).png

Thank u Jake for your help and patience with Poppy, Pip nd Rayna. Life is much easier now thanks to you. 5*rating without a doubt.


- Angela One to One Dog Training

Just finished 4 weeks Obedience Training with our Cockapoo puppy. It was great to have the support in the first few weeks of having a new puppy. Great tips and advice. Very friendly and Professional with a great knowledge in all areas. Really enjoyable experience. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🐾🐶🎓

- Charlene & Martin Puppy Class

Jake is amazing cannot recommend him enough. knowledgeable and caring. excellent with dogs and d dogs love him. 10 stars



- Caroline Adult Dog Class

I cannot recommend or thank Jake enough he has given so much help and advice to me and my westie pup since the lockdown began always at the other end of messenger for free helpful and friendly advice. I would 100% recommend muddy paws dog training 👏👏👍👍👍💙💙💙


- Eleanor Dog Training

Had a 1:1 training session with Jake today for myself and Lola (6mth old miniature Poodle) who was difficult to walk on the lead in public. Jake is really good and Lola picked up on what he was looking for very quickly. A really enjoyable helpful session I would highly recommended Jake for any training and behavioral problems with your dog. Thanks for your help today.


- Sarah One to One Dog Training (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png (14).png
muddy paws luxury dog boarding

We Stayed in Killarney for the Miss Kerry Competition & our Dog Louis received treatment fit for a King at Muddy Paws. Jake Collected Louis at our Hotel,Louis was walked, groomed, fed and loved so much by Jake and his wife they even allowed Louis to sleep in a basket in their room so he wouldn't be lonely, I received the most fabulous pictures that evening showing me the fun that Louis was having at Muddy Paws. On the day of our departure Jake dropped Louis back to our hotel. Jake couldn't have been more helpful,I felt so happy that Louis was loved and cared for by Jake and his wife. I would highly recommend this Rolls Royce service for your Dogs🐕. We will be returning to Killarney in the summer and Louis will be staying at Muddy Paws again.😍Thank you Jake for the care and attention to detail that you both lavished on our darling Louis. We look forward to seeing you over the Summer.

- Lucia Luxury Home Boarding

muddy paws luxury dog boarding

We used their Luxury Home Boarding services as we were off to a family holiday. After some research their page came up on Facebook and contacted them straight away to see what did they offer. I met Terrie and she showed me around, their place is like heaven for dogs. The garden is secure and full of agility toys, I love the idea of the sensory garden for dogs, cannot wait to see it in full bloom. Their house is just ready to be filled with paws. After meeting Terrie I knew this is the place I’d leave our dogs. We tried kennels before but to be honest I would never ever do it again. We got daily updates on our girls, we knew they were happy and loved. I highly recommend their services. It is so nice to leave your furry children in the hands of people who have the same mindset about pets. Thank you Terrie and Jake 🙏💖

- Anna Luxury Home Boarding

I took part in the group puppy classes with my new puppy Floyd. Having two other dogs already I was keen to get things right from the start this time. The classes are well structured with just the right amount of “homework” and are a fantastic opportunity for the puppies to socialize. Jake and Terrie are lovely, very open to any amount of questions and most importantly Floyd loved them. We’ve come away with loads of training advice and tips to work on. I’m definitely going to take my older dogs back to try the adult dog training in the new year.

- Stephanie Puppy Classes

muddy paws luxury dog boarding

Well Sooty our 4 month old pup has just come home from 3 nights luxury boarding at muddy paws and what can I say. From the pictures I received of all the fun stuff Terrie did with her I can imagine she thoroughly enjoyed herself. The little training tips given at the end of the stay are very useful and we’ll be trying out the bits they’ve advised. Our daily update and pictures meant we could relax and know that she was being well looked after. Thanks so much Terrie and Jake, Sooty will be back. 🐾🐶 xx

-Colleen Luxury Home Boarding

muddy paws luxury dog boarding

Jake and Terrie really are the dream team, Alfie loved going to his classes on a Thursday and we have noticed a difference in his behavior since attending. The group classes were also a great way to meet other people and see that you aren't the only ones who are dog crazy! We love Alfie to pieces and seeing how much he has grown and how much he loves to please us and make us happy has given us a whole new appreciation for him.Dogs really are our best friends and Jake and Terrie are extremely skilled at helping you understand your dog. Thanks guys!

- Ben Adult Dog Class

muddy paws luxury dog boarding

This is just the most amazing place for your fur baby to stay .... this is an excellent service and excellent care and attention is given to your furry Family member & is most certainly luxury boarding ... Muddy Paws really helped me out by taking our puppy for the night while we were visiting in the area and the care and attention our puppy received was excellent not to mention the gorgeous photos & video updates we received while our puppy was visiting. It’s a pity there is not more luxury boarding for dogs around but we will certainly have our puppy visit again next time we are in Kerry ! This place has to be encountered to be understood!!! Thank you so much 😊🐶

- Clara Luxury Home Boarding

Lovely place and really nice people to deal with. Loved the update every evening with the pictures. Definitely would recommend them. And have her booked in again for the end of March. Thanks.


- Eimear Luxury Home Boarding

muddy paws luxury dog boarding
muddy paws luxury dog boarding

Our boy spent the night in this fab place recently and was looked after so well. We even received pics that night to show the fun he had been having with the other dogs. i would normally be very sceptical about boarding kennels but terrie and jakes home is just so inviting and welcoming and their set up is just amazing. i would highly recommend them. there would be no reason at all to be nervous leaving your dog with them as they will certainly be well looked after. thanks again guys ❤

- Shauna Luxury Home Boarding

I went on holiday and left my Rottweiler Enzo with Terrie and Jake. Enzo had such a blast and was well looked after. I got pictures every day and didn't worry. I will definitely recommend Muddy Paws to everyone as your dog will get a 5* treatment.

- Katja Luxury Home Boarding