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We are blessed to have over 200 testimonials from our clients. Thank you.

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Darragh Kelly

As a new puppy owner and a vet, I cannot recommend Jake and Muddy Paws Puppy Training Classes highly enough. His positive reinforcement-based training methods and patience with owners and puppies is excellent. I’d recommend anyone with a new puppy to sign up for this as it will ensure you have a well behaved, fun and properly socialised puppy for life.

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Eugene James McGrath

We refer at lot of behavioural cases to Jake and our clients at McGrath Vets are raving about him. Keep up the good work guys.

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Shane Mc

This is my 2nd time going to Jake at muddy paws. 1st time was for behavioural training this time was for puppy classes. The best thing I ever did. The classes where excellent, Jakes knowledge is huge. Really highly recommend muddy paws. If you're struggling with your puppy you won't regret the puppy classes.

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Ben Slimm

An absolute fountain of knowledge and excellent positive approach to training. Jake and Terrie are superstars and every dog is treated as if he or she is their own and the love and care they show shines through.
Muddy Paws may be dog trainers - but in reality they train humans to understand and communicate more effectively with our best friends! Thanks to Muddy Paws for such excellent service!

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Louise Sheehan

We had Jake come out and visit our dog max who had a very bad start in life and we had absolutely no idea how to train him or where to even start. Jake spent a long time here and gave my husband invaluable advice. We worked on all the suggestions and advice and Max turned into a different dog, we still have lots to learn from Muddy Paws and lots to teach Max and hopefully after lockdown we can work with Jake again. I’m still having issues when walking with Max and I contacted Jake for some advice which he gave lots of, without hesitation and for free. Muddy Paws provided a 5 star service with invaluable advice, help and training and we can’t thank them enough. We can’t wait to work with them again when things return to normal

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Michelle Spillane

 We contacted Muddy Paws Training as we recently adopted a rescue collie, Cara, who is 13 months old. Our initial worry was that she did not come back every time we called but she also had developed a habit of barking, jumping up etc if she did not get attention. Jake arrived this afternoon for a session of one to one training. Within an hour he had the barking/attention seeking sorted. He not only demonstrated to us the correct way to handle situations, but also gave notes. While we have a lot of ground to cover, the positive aspect of Jake’s method of training make it beneficial not only to the dog but also the owner. We highly recommend Muddy Paws Training We look forward to continue our training with their support!

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Lucy Butler

Just AMAZING. Jake is so knowledgeable and so helpful. Really understands all the worries and queries you have as a pup owner. This is a great resource for all pet owners. I myself, am now more confident with Jimmy and our bond is a lot stronger as a result. We both trust each other! It’s vital to have a controlled socialisation setting for pups and teach them appropriate ways to interact. I highly recommend any dog owner, especially pup owners, to get in contact with Jake and let him work his dog whispering magic. In reality, he trains you, not the dog!!!

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Helena Cronin Martin

Thanks Jake for your advice today it was extremely helpful and we were told things to improve our dogs training we never would of even dreamt of ourselves.. Started a few tips you gave us today already and there working a treat.. I’d have no hesitation in highly recommending muddy Paws to anyone.

Regards the martin family tiernaboul Killarney

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