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video Call appointment 

Muddy Paws Dog Training

This is a new service brought in to help people anywhere in Ireland, as a more versatile means of training.  

Our video call appointments are to give help & support to all, but especially for those looking for help sooner  rather than later, a new puppy for example, or for a dog displaying new unwanted behaviours. (9).png

Can’t see us face to face?

This service is ideal for anyone who cannot commit to a home or class training session, if travel or distance is a problem which also may incur further costs, or like with recent events involving the COVID-19 pandemic. We are here, for you to chat to us and pick our brains on any questions you may have, and to formulate a plan moving forward.

Please note, some issues cannot be dealt with in a video call scenario and would require a face to face appointment. We will best advise you before setting up a video session, in response to your booking request.

Length - 1 hour total

Total cost - €60 Euro

Contact us to find out more or to book an appointment !

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