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Frequently asked 




Where do you travel too & cover?

We cover all of Munster & are based out of Killarney.


Where are your classes located?

Our classes are located at the Tralee Equestrian Centre in Blennerville.


Do you call to the home?

Yes. We can call to your home or meet in a specific location, dependent on the training required.


How long have you worked with dogs?

Jake our trainer, has been working professionally with dogs since 2008, starting his career training search & protection dogs.


What type of a trainer are you?

We are purely positive trainers, and only use positive reinforcement to train our dogs.


Do you train all breeds of dog?

Yes, we train all breeds of all ages.


What do you recommend?

For any behavioural issues...

- Our Behavioural Adjustment


Puppies under 5 months...

- Our Puppy Learning & Socialisation


A new baby on the way...

- Our Baby & Family Dog Program.


What's the most popular service & how many sessions do I need?

Our most popular service is our regular one-on-one private training service. Most customers go for 1 or 3 sessions, dependent on the amount of training needed.


Is my dog too old to be trained?

Absolutely not! Dogs can be trained at any age.


Need more information? 

Contact us directly and we will be happy to help you further!

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