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One-to-One Training

This training takes place from your home or specific location, dependent on training required. We teach both owner & the dog, and is our most popular service. Here we help you in any area you are looking to improve, change, or understand better.

With over 14 year's experience training dogs professionally, we show you how training can be fun & rewarding, all while working with your dog as a team to achieve your goals. We say training is 80% relationship, 20% training. So, as well as helping train both you and your dog, we also focus on better practices, how to strengthen your relationship through games & daily activities, leaving you confident in not just your approach and ability, but the positive training approach as well.

One-to-One discounted Training

If you feel one session might not be enough for all your training goals and needs, we offer discounted bulk sessions, broken down like so:

1 session  –  75

3 sessions – 200 10% off

5 sessions – 300 20% off (1 free session)

Each session is roughly 90 minutes long and we drive to you. You may decide to opt for a 2-hour session for 100 euros, over having the training spread out of 2 sessions saving costs.

*Please note the discount only applies if you buy in bulk and not as a pay as you go service. Prices vary after hours.

Muddy Paws Dog Training
Muddy Paws Dog Training

Please note. Though we cover all of Co.Kerry travelling to you, if you are 30km from us, we do charge fuel costs of the journey. 

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