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Level 1 Advanced Skills Course 

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Welcome to our Level 1 Advanced Obedience Course! In this course, it’s our aim to teach a wide variety of skills & exercises, that both you and your dog can use every day, or simply just to show off to your family & friends! Each week, a minimum of two new skills / exercises will be given, for you to learn and complete by week 4. Your aim is to complete as many of these exercises as possible, concluding in a graduation & certificate ceremony on week four! For those that wish to test their dog even further, each exercise has a slightly more difficult one to it. (This is optional). 

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By week four, you & your dog will have come along way! Learning & completing many basic & advanced skills & exercises, you can now use to make your day-to-day life easier or safer! We test when you’re ready, so once we’ve seen a particular skill or exercise completed, you can move onto the next one. 

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4 Weeks!         8 Skills!        12 Exercises!

Will this course suit me? 

This course is ideal for any owner looking to learn fun but fundamental skills, test their dog & own handling, especially around distractions, as well as try something fun & new! A relaxed & informative class, perfect for someone looking to push their dog, and achieve something special together as a team! All dogs of all ages are welcome, & no previous training or skill set is required.

Fee - 139

Length - 4 weeks

Duration - 4 hours

Certificate & rosette on week 4 for all

WhatsApp group to help outside of class

That sense of achievement - Absolutely free!


On completion of level 1, you will then be eligible to attend our Level 2 Advanced Skills Course!


*All our clients also receive a 10% discount card for the pet store Petstop!

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