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Loose Leash Walking

Walking our dog is a daily responsibility that we owe to our best friends. For many, it’s something they love, but for others, it's something they dread! Once we get to this stage of dreading our walks and not wanting to walk them, we stop enjoying it, which leads to them happening less frequently. This can then impact not only the walking behaviour, but also the dogs behaviour at home, due to a lack of enrichment, output, stimulation & socialising.

muddy paws dog training

But help is at hand! This three session structured plan, is designed to build-up your skills, while leaving you feeling empowered and confident to walk your dog again! Learn through games and play, while working with your dog, learning why they pull, and enjoying those walks together again. Walks are for both the owner and dog, so don't be left feeling like walks are a chore, as they are far from it! What you will learn in the package won't just help you with walking, but a wide variety of areas, as well as having a more positive and stronger relationship. 

Our Loose Leash Package

We travel to you

Three training sessions included (3.5 hours training)

Tailored plan on how to progress as you go

Extensive notes for you to refer to throughout your training and beyond

Step by step help & assistant anytime 

Total cost - 200

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