Loose Leash Walking

Walking our dog is a daily responsibility that we owe to our best friends. For many, it’s something we love to do but for others, it's something we dread. Once we get to this stage of dreading it and not wanting to walk our dog, we stop enjoying it which leads to them happening less frequently. This can then impact not only the walking behaviour, but also the behaviour at home due to a lack of enrichment and output.

muddy paws dog training

But help is at hand. For us to get the BEST out of you and your dog, we have come up with the loose leash walking package, dedicated to helping you achieve those walks you’ve always dreamed of! 

Our Loose Leash Package

We travel to you.

Three training sessions are included. (3.5 hours training).

Tailored plan on how to progress further as you go.

Extensive notes for you to refer to throughout your training and beyond.

Step by step help all the way.

Total cost €190 (1).png