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Ultimate Rescue Dog Package

Have you given a dog a second chance and have re-homed them, hopefully into their forever home? Well firstly thank you! Now we’re here to make sure things work out! 

This private training option is a 10-session package, so whether it’s your first or tenth rescue, prepare to learn lots! We’ve thought long and hard about each session, and how each is a huge step into making you, the most knowledgeable and prepared dog owner you can be. As well as empowering you, we look at many areas that will also teach and help your new dog, about what will be their new normal. 

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Our Rescue dog Nala 

muddy paws dog trainer

It’s good for any dog regardless of their background, to have some solid, reliable cues in their arsenal. So we cover nearly 10 of these in this programme, such as leave, bed, stay, walking, recall and more! We also empower the owner by teaching them many things we feel would greatly benefit them, such as covering canine enrichment, signals, how to deal with many in home behaviours, such as barking, chewing, toileting, and many fundamentals.

As this package is tailored for rescue dogs, we also cover many areas that can be associated with a rescue dog, such as separation anxiety or other behavioural issues, how to socialise them, understanding them and their needs and more! 

Though this programme has structured content, these sessions are changed around dependent on what we feel the Individual dog would benefit from first, as well as allowing plenty of scope for areas outside of the subjects covered. 

10 sessions included, each up-to 1.5 hours long

Receive a 10% discount card for PetStop Tralee

Fee - 750 (100-euro discount to standard rate)


This program can also be halved to 5 sessions. The program runs similarly to the 10 session program, but the training is more condescend. fee - 400.

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