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Level 2 Advanced Skills Course 

To attend our level two course, you must have already completed our level one course at a pass or merit level. If you’ve already attended our level one course, then you’ll know exactly what’s awaiting you here! Nothing but gruelling hard work and pain! Ha, no not quiet! But hard work and working together as a dog team will be vital, but something you should looking forward to.

4 Weeks!         8 Skills!        12 Exercises!

Like level one, new skills and exercises will be given to learn and eventually then be tested on. As expected, level two skills and exercises are slightly more challenging, but all within any owners reach with a small bit of work. You’ll already possess all the skills and knowledge needed to complete this course, and once again will find the course challenging at times, but also relaxed, fun, informative and highly rewarding for both owner and dog!

Fee - 139

Length - 4 weeks

Duration - 4 hours

Certificate & rosette on week 4 for all

WhatsApp group to help outside of class

That sense of achievement - Absolutely free!



*All our clients also receive a 10% discount card for the pet store Petstop!

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