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Puppy Learning & Socialisation Class

Adding an additional member to your ever-growing family is both exciting and daunting! Puppies have a short development stage, lasting around 17 weeks, so the earlier the better. It’s in this short period, the training, socialising and environmental training carried out, may shape your dog forever. 

Our Puppy Obedience & Socialisation Class, is perfect for dogs under 5 months. We don't just go through puppy training 101, but subjects you may never have heard of, as well as things that will help your family not just now, but forever!

Classes are 6 weeks long with each class 1 hour long. The first session is classroom based, after all it's not just the puppies who are at school! 1/3 of each class is set aside to ensure for that all-important right age socialisation. The classes cover everything you'll want to know getting started and going forward. Class covers over 30 subjects both orally and practically, all in an informative & relaxed manner! Finally, we ONLY use positive-reinforcement methods, which we show and teach to all of our clients. You may also bring one person with you to class if you wish.

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Some of the 30 subjects covered are:

      Toilet/House Training                               Mouthing (Biting)

      Chewing                                                     Canine Enrichment                     

      Return when called                                    Toys & Rewards

      Loose Leash Walking                                 Multiple Tricks

      Children & Puppies                                    Communication

      Leave                                                          Sit & Stay

      Puppy Behaviours                                      Right age Socialisation



What's included

An extensive work booklet is handed to you on the first day, which you get to keep forever, and covers everything we cover in the course! All dogs receive a rosette and certificate on completion, and that sense of achievement between both you and your dog, is absolutely free! There is also a Whatsapp group throughout for daily assistance, a write-up assessment of each dog on completion, and much much more!

No other course around offers all of this!

Be a part of something great!



Vaccinations, both first and second round.

Dog is aged 5 months and under

To handle the dog you must be 16 and over, though under 16's can attend

Classes are held in the Tralee Equestrian centre which is an ideal location for puppies, both environmentally and for socialisation purposes. You couldn't ask for a better place!


On top of this, all of our clients also receive a 10% discount card for the pet store Petstop.

 Total cost - 17

 Length - 6 weeks (6 hours)

 Numbers - 6 Maximum

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